Changing your expired password over an RDP connection

We do a lot of management of remote systems, sometimes at very odd hours, when there’s nobody else around to help. I ran into an issue today where I was trying to access a remote system, but I was getting this error once I logged in using RDP:

“This user account’s password has expired.The password must be changed in order to login. Please update the password or contact your system administrator or technical support.”

Once I clicked OK, the dialog box went away and I was not prompted to reset my password.

Here’s the fix:

Locate your Default.RDP file – this file will automatically be created in the %My Documents% folder (c:\users\username\documents\). The file is used to store information for Remote Desktop Connection.

Open Default.RDP with a text editor, such as notepad.

Append “enablecredsspsupport:i:0” to the bottom of Default.RDP and then save. Close Notepad.

Double-click Default.RDP, and open with Remote Desktop if prompted.

Input your credentials and you will then be prompted to reset your password over the RDP session.

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